The logo of the Vocation Year of the Pauline Family



Rome, 26 November 2018
Feast of Blessed James Alberione

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Pauline Family,

As the general councilors of formation of our Congregations, we greet you, and at the same time ask the Divine Master “the abundant riches of his grace” for faithfulness to the Charism received.

Today we celebrate the 47th anniversary of the death of our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, a date very significant for the Pauline Family. We take this opportunity to present to you the Logo of the Vocation Year of the Pauline Family that our Superior Generals have chosen from among a selection of logos presented. We thank the brothers and sisters who responded to our invitation to express their creativity by proposing designs for a logo.

The logo selected, designed by Fr. Ulysses Navarro ssp, expresses well the theme of the Vocation Year of the Pauline Family: Stir up the gift of God (2 Tm 1:6). We offer the explanation of the profound meaning of the logo which the author himself has given:

The logo evokes a dynamic relationship among the elements which form it. Although each element is distinct from the others, all of them are rendered in a uniform style to signify that each element is deeply connected to the others. We examine the elements one by one:

1. The dominant symbol is represented by the open hands. Vibrant in both shape and color, they signify both the giver and the receiver. A vocation is a gift that we receive from God. When we recognized that call in our life, we opened our hands to receive it. And while we mature in our personal response, we open our hands once again to help others discover and respond to their vocation.

2. At the center of the logo, we have the seed that has started to grow — vulnerable but beautiful. It represents the vocation that requires care and guidance. The seed, by itself, relying only on its own strength, cannot survive. That is why the two open hands are ready to support it.

3. Finally, water and earth are visible at the bottom part of the logo. They represent the elements necessary for the seed (vocation) to grow. An authentic vocation is deeply grounded and is nourished by the prayer and good example of others. It cannot exist by itself and for itself alone. It needs both foundation and inspiration, and these are represented by the earth and the water.

In Jesus Master and in St. Paul,

The general councilors of formation
Fr. José Salud Paredes ssp
Fr. Celso Godilano ssp
Sr. Karen Marie Anderson and Sr. Clarice Wisniewski fsp
Sr. M. Anetta Szczykutowicz pddm
Sr. Marisa Loser sjbp
Sr. Tosca Ferrante and Sr. Teresita Cabri ap