Pauline Cooperators for the Gospel


The Daughters of St. Paul of Durban held their first meeting with a group of lay people from the diocese so as to present to them the Association of Pauline Cooperators. The event opened with a welcome to the participants and then continued with a presentation of the pilgrimage and content of the first International Meeting of the Association of Pauline Cooperators, which took place in Italy several months ago. Dominic Ingala, a Pauline Cooperator of Congolese origin who studied in South Africa and today works as an engineer in Durban, then gave his testimony. In her talk, the guest speaker highlighted the beginnings and mission of the laity in the Church and in the Pauline Family. “We hope that the seed that was sown will bear fruit,” one of the participants said. And this is our hope too for our sisters in Durban.