Closing of the Centenary Year of the Pauline Cooperators


On 29 June, the Pauline Family of Korea closed the Centenary Year of Foundation of the Pauline Cooperators with a solemn Eucharistic Liturgy celebrated in Seoul’s Myeongdong Cathedral. In his homily, the main celebrant, Fr. Whang In-soo, said, “Let us not forget that the heart of Christ is the heart of St. Paul the Apostle, and the heart of St. Paul the Apostle is our heart. So let us journey together as apostles.”

During the Mass, two Cooperators shared their experiences, and Fr. Han Ki-cheol, who is in charge of the SSP Cooperators in Korea, affirmed: “Not only priests and religious, but also the laity carry out a very important role in proclaiming the Word of God to the world.”

During the Centenary Year, the Cooperators collected funds so as to enable the Bible to be offered as a gift to those in need.