First Sunday of Lent 2018

The Grammar of Lent Possibilities  Starting with Life…    The word possibility rouses both hopes and fears in us. If something is possible, it means that the situation facing us has not reached a definitive conclusion. But it is also true that if something is possible, then we must make the commitment to concretizing those… Read more »

Epiphany 2018

Prayer, the Rhythm of Life We have come to the end of the Christmas season. The Liturgy for the Feast of the Epiphany brings to a close our Advent reflections, pointing out to us, through the adoration of the Magi, the element on which the whole spiritual life is founded: prayer, or even better, adoration, that is,… Read more »

Feast of Mary, Mother of God 2018

God’s Dwelling Place It is not by chance that the Feast of Mary, Mother of God, is also World Peace Day. In fact, the presence of the Spirit, which fills the heart and womb of Mary, reminds us that we will have peace only if we allow ourselves to be inhabited by the mystery we… Read more »

Christmas 2017

Christmas is here! God has been incarnated and reveals his glory. The Inaccessible One has finally made himself known. Only when the glory of God is proclaimed from the heavens can the peace which the angels announced at Bethlehem spread on earth. In fact, the last stage of our journey speaks to us precisely about… Read more »

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2017

Becoming Small so as To Welcome God’s Greatness The next step on our journey toward Christmas is to enter the mystery of “smallness”–a paradox because only those who are small are able to welcome the greatness of God. The Eternal One makes himself small: he whom the whole universe cannot contain takes on flesh and… Read more »