Formation Encounter 2018

Information Flash N. 2

19 July 2018 Dear Sisters, Our journey continues: in these days we listened to input concerning the complex reality of our contemporary culture, in which technology and the digital world have become part of the synthesis of new values and new criteria of judgment. The consecrated life often has problems with the transformations that are… Read more »

Information Sheet 1

Dearest sisters, We are writing to you from “Casa San Paolo” in Via S. Giovanni Eudes (Rome) where we have started the work of the International Formation Encounter (12-24 July 2018) on the theme Towards full maturity in Christ. Person, formator, community: a process of formation that is integral and co-responsible. As the Superior General,… Read more »

Letter of Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan, Superior General

Toward Full Maturity in Christ

An International Formation Encounter is currently underway in our St. Paul House, Rome, Italy. More than 40 sisters from our circumscriptions throughout the world are participating in this 2-week event (12-24 July). Together, we are living very busy days, rich in enlightenment, sharing, discernment and prayer, feeling alongside us our young women, who are the… Read more »