A Family…“Secret”


As usual, the Juniors of the Pauline Family present in Italy met in Rome for a few days of formation (1-3 March). Members of almost all the 10 Institutes founded by Blessed James Alberione participated in the event. Here is what they said about it:

“Together we lived three days of fraternity, deeper reflection on the Bible and on the “secret” of Blessed James Alberione, who taught us how to increase the fruits of all our activities. We experienced for ourselves that what is good and beautiful can be multiplied.

“Our days were intense, marked by in-depth study of the theme of the biblical covenant and Fr. Alberione’s prayer, The Pact or Secret of Success.

“At the conclusion of our extended weekend, we realized that not only had we reflected on “multiplication” but that by living together as a Family, we had experienced first-hand how this had already happened: we multiplied the good we yearned to do, our ideas, the quality of our prayer, our possibility to do something beautiful, our times of recreation, our dreams… The biblical alliance, God’s ‘pact’ with Abraham, continues to be real and alive in us today if we share what we have with faith!”