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Cardinal John Tong Hon Named Titular Bishop of the Queen of Apostles Sanctuary   versione testuale

In a solemn Eucharistic Celebration on Sunday, 22 April 2012, Cardinal John Tong Hon, the Bishop of Hong Kong, took possession of Queen of Apostles Sanctuary as his titular "seat" in Rome.

Bishop Hon is the seventh Chinese Cardinal in the history of the Church, the third bishop of Hong Kong to be raised to the dignity of Cardinal, and the first Cardinal who is a native of Hong Kong. A serene, scholarly, reserved and deeply spiritual person, Cardinal Hon spent 10 of his first 12 years of life in Mainland China. He has since returned there several times in an official role. He firmly believes that only dialogue and negotiation can resolve conflicts.

In a preceding visit to Rome on 19 February 2012, the newly-appointed Cardinal spent a prolonged time in prayer before the tombs of Blessed James Alberione and Venerable Thecla Merlo.

(Martedý 24 Aprile 2012)